Monday, December 16, 2013

Teaching Kids about Sin and the Holy Ghost

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Me with my broken wrist and how I fixed it
This week, Maria still didn’t get baptized.  Her whole family came to church, but I guess the dad said something bad about the church afterwards and her son defended the church and they got in a huge fight of yelling and cussing and stuff.  So she thinks church causes contention in her family- so originally she wanted to drop us, but we got her calmed down and she realizes that we and church makes her life better and she likes feeling the spirit.  

But now all these new doubts are coming out about the Book of Mormon vs. the Bible and Joseph Smith and a bunch of stuff. We think it’s because her husband is asking her a lot of crazy questions. But we are still seeing her all the time and trying our best with her so we will see what happens.

Another big investigator of ours is Damion.  He is 8 and the son of a less active.  I don’t know if i told you about him, but his family is my favorite.  He is 8, his sister Jessica is 7, his brother Aaron is 5, and his sister Yasmin is 2.  Damion and Jessica have crazy interest in the church. They could teach us the lessons now and they have questions of an adult!  Aaron is crazy and Yasmin just runs around and hands me random stuff as I’m teaching.  And the two little ones love when I bring them stickers or coloring books or the little toys that MaBecks sent me. 

But we taught the best lesson with them about repentance and baptism and the Holy Ghost.  I came up with it myself.  So we poured a little bit of syrup on their hands and had them rub it around.  This is sin and it leaves gross, sticky, bad feelings.  Then we can use soap to get rid of those feelings and that is repentance.  Then the water is baptism and the sacrament completes the process.  Finally, a towel, or the Holy Ghost, brings us warmth and comfort.  They all loved it, and Yasmin wanted to do it like 5 times!  Haha! But we had the kids think of what sins they might have committed and everyone’s was little, like calling someone bad name or yelling at their mom.  And then when it came to me they said I choked someone!  Those crazy kids!  They thought it was so funny.

Other than that, someone thought I was 24 this week!  I don’t think I look that old.  And I’m learning to juggle.  I got balls at goodwill and I do it everyday during lunch.

Elder Lund signing out!

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