Monday, August 3, 2015

Tons of Service Work Performed

Me and some missionary buddies
Inspirational grafitti

This week we did so much service!

We got to help in the community garden again.  Dana had us plant flowers and prune bushes.  But the bushes had probably 2 million bees on them so it was kinda sketchy... But we all made it out alive without any stings.

Then we helped a man from the Galveston English Ward move.  And because we had 4 Elders there, but only 2 could ride up front, 2 of us rode in the back… which is supposedly legal here in Galveston.  But it was so hot!  It was 98 but "felt like 109" said the weather report.  It broke a record here on the island.  And it was pitch black in the back, so things kept moving around and it was so scary!  We came out of there and the outside weather felt so nice and cool, haha.  Then on the next trip, his neighbor from Moldova wanted to help.  It was nice because he is this jacked 23 year old Russian and he did the heavy lifting.  Then we got to ride in his car to the new house and the whole time he wanted to blast Russian techno music.  It was a party, haha.  Then we helped some other people in the ward move for the rest of the day.

We also got to lay cement with the Aguirres.  When they called, we thought that it would just be something tiny in their backyard, but it turned out that we were laying a 15'x40' slab on his other property!  And it got real once we saw some other family members drive down the street in a full size cement truck!  So it was a fun few hours!  He gave us some big rubber boots so we could walk in the cement and camo trucker hats to wear so we didn't get burned.  It was way more intense than it should have been because they all were yelling at each other in Spanish the whole time.  If you didn't understand Spanish, you would have thought someone was dying or something... But Hermano Aguirre wanted us to learn how to do it so everyone made us do all the work and they just manned the truck pretty much.  It was super fun!  And that’s when Dr. Becker brought me my care package.  He probably was a little surprised when instead of white shirts and ties, we showed up in cement covered service clothes, haha.

Then before church we had a "special" meeting where a High Counsel member just wanted to talk about families and excite the branch a little more.  Well, we spent the whole week telling everyone, and I guess because everyone wanted to be a part of the "special" meeting, we had 20 more people than usual come to church yesterday!  We had 68 people!  We haven't had that many people for like a year.  And because they all were at the meeting, they were also on time for gospel doctrine.  (Usually that class only has like 6 people in it).

After church, we died... everywhere we went, they just fed us soooo much food.  We first ate chili dogs and a bunch of ice cream, then chicken and dumpling soup, and finally hamburgers and sausage...  So stuffed!  But it was all really good food so it wasn't too bad ;)

On a spiritual side, Kayleigh Reyes is doing super good!  She is reading the Book of Mormon whenever we tell her to (we just need her to read it daily on her own) and she almost came to church!  She told us before that she wouldn't be able to because of soccer, but when we called her she said that soccer didn't start till 3 so she would probably be able to come to church!  I was so stoked!!  They have been taught for almost 2 years now off and on and have only been to church once, so that was a big step!  And she was all ready on Sunday... and then her soccer called and said they needed her in a tournament...  Talk about crushing...:(  But she said she would come next week, so not all hope is lost!

Then the Luevano's are doing awesome!  I don't know what it is, but whenever we try super hard with them and teach them about the gospel, they kinda shut us out.  But when we just stop by every once in a while and help Adriana read or just see how they are doing, they come to church! The Holy Ghost is so cool!!  We just have to be in their house and the Spirit works on them while we do other things!  I guess what everyone says about missionaries bringing a special spirit is true!

But Sergio has kinda fallen away.  We haven't taught him a real lesson in a few weeks now.  And he is always working.. So just pray that we can see and teach him again and find out what kept him from baptism the first time. That would be great!

You guys are the best!  Thanks for all your support!  Love you!

Elder Lund

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