Monday, July 27, 2015

Final Temple Trip and no AC for a Night!

Our little crew of Christian soldiers!
On the ferry
The big City!

This morning we had transfer calls and I found out I'll finish my mission here... sweet!

So last P-day we decided to explore the secret parts of our area and an investigator told us that on another island there is an old military base.  So we drove to the very end of the island and parked our car and got on the ferry.  But these ferries are way different than the ones at balboa, these ones can hold like 60 cars and they have an upper deck where people can stand around the whole boat and look out.  Plus these ones are free!  So we got on the ferry and turns out its like a 30 minute ride, so we just took some pictures, watched the other boats, and fed the seagulls off the back.  And we thought the base would be super close so we didn't bring the car.  But turns out that when we got to the other side, where we thought the base was, it was way far away... :(  So instead we just walked around the jetties for a bit and caught crabs and then came back.  It was pretty fun, but next time we will have to take the car so we can explore more!

But this week, at church and other activities, attendance has doubled!... kinda.  At FHE, we had like 25 people, so after the lesson we had huge games of basketball and soccer.  And Hispanics playing basketball...  it’s pretty intense.  All rules and formalities go right out the window and people just end up tackling each other and just launching the ball towards the hoop.  It was super fun.  Same with soccer and they are all good at soccer.

Then on Wednesday, I think I had the hottest night of my life... We got home and found out that our power had been out all day.  So we lost a bunch of our food and our apartment was 84 degrees.  It was already late enough that we couldn't leave and go stay with the other Elders here.  So we tried to go to sleep but it was super hard.  Finally I got up at 12 and it was 87, so I went and took a 30 minute cold shower.  But because of the humidity and heat, right after getting out of the shower and getting clothes on, you already start to sweat.  But luckily I fell asleep for the rest of the night.  And then the next morning, we did everything at the other Elder's apartment, and by the time we got home from proselyting our power and AC was back on.  Miracle!  It made me love AC soooo much!

Also, I got to go to the departing temple trip.  Because I leave early next transfer and won't be able to go to mine, I went to this one.  I love that in this mission that we are able to have trainings in the temple from the Mission President and Temple President and their wives!  Supposedly in most places, these trainings don't happen.  We are super lucky here!  But it was cool to be with the missionaries that I have known my whole mission.  We had the temple session, then the training in the temple, and then we all went out to lunch at some pizza place!  I'll send a picture of my little crew of Christian soldiers.

And as far as the people we teach, we saw some cool progress this week.  Lately we have been spending a lot of time with Adriana Luevano to help her improve her reading ability.  Just teaching them wasn't doing much.  So when we go by, we sit down with Adriana and read a Dr. Seuss story with her.  It’s been super fun and she always has us do it in crazy voices.  And on Saturday, the grandma came up and was the most sincere I have ever seen her.  She thanked us for trying really hard to help Adriana with her reading because they didn't know how to help her.  It was really neat to see that a little thing we did was helping so much!  

And then we also got to visit with Adriana's parents this week. T hat was a miracle because they work like 100 hours a week each... But we had a good heart-to-heart and helped them to see they needed to come back to God.  Well they all showed up at church!!!!!  Adriana and her little sister, Adriana's parents, and her grandparents!!!!!!!!!  It was so cool!  After church, her mom came up and gave me a hug and told me thanks for helping them come back.  And she said that her work is going to give her a raise and change her schedule, but she is going to tell them that even more important than a raise is getting Sundays off!!!!!!!!!!!!  Hearing that from her was so awesome!

We also got to teach Kayleigh Reyes again.  She’s super prepared!   She read while we were gone! She told us she had a question about what happens after we die... for us missionaries, questions are the best things ever.  They let us know what the person actually wants to learn about and so they will gain a testimony a lot easier.  So we read Alma 40 all about the spirit world and resurrection and the judgment.  After the lesson we asked her what she will do to follow God and live in Paradise.  She told us that she is going to keep reading the Book of Mormon and come to church and eventually be baptized!  The only hold up is that she has soccer tournaments every Sunday for the next 2 weeks. Then she will be able to come and be baptized!  So we are just going to help her to read and pray everyday so that she keeps the testimony she has until she can act on it a lot more.

It was a really good week here on the island!  Hopefully this one will be even better!!!

Love you guys! Have fun!

Elder Lund

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