Monday, July 13, 2015

After 16 Years, Reunited With My Old Preschool Buddy!

Slack-lining for FHE
Hurricane-destroyed docks on the ocean
Holy cow, it has been so hot these past few days!  At some points through the day we see ourselves in the mirror and I have no idea why these people even let us in!  We come in their houses sweatier then ever and just disgusting and they invite us to sit on their nice couches... I just think that some people must have a lot of charity, haha!

This week I broke out my slackline again.  It’s been a while since I have used it so it was super fun!  We did it as missionaries on Pday and then we did it with some of the youth here for FHE.  I'll send some pictures.

And then I went on an exchange back up to Kemah!  Haha, the best part about having been in this zone 3 times is that I know members in pretty much every area, so it’s always a party when we do exchanges and I get to "go back for a day!"  But guess who my companion was?  Elder Evans! It was like a prophecy being fulfilled.  After not having seen each other since preschool, after about 16 years, we are back together!  I'll have to get a picture of that too and then we can compare it to preschool days, haha.  But while in Kemah I got to see a bunch of the members at the English class.  It was super fun!

So Sergio: We still haven't been able to contact him... We don't know what happened.  But on the bright side, once when we went to see him, only his dad was home.  But his dad, who never wanted to talk before, invited us in and we were able to talk to him about prayer and how its such a blessing. Well, he said we can come back to teach him, so hopefully when we teach the dad, we can find Sergio at home too.

But with all the people we had before, most of them have fallen off the bandwagon, so we have had to focus on finding more people, which is always super fun because you just make it a goal to find and talk to as many people as possible!  We got to talk to some sweet people this week! Not many people here on the island want to accept the gospel, but we did find a few that said we can come back!  We'll see what happens...

I’ve realized that most of the people that I have baptized, in fact almost all, have come from referrals from members, less actives, and recent converts. And we made up a plan in which we are going to focus a lot of time on helping strengthen about 5 specific less actives and converts that are semi active as well.  We are just going by for about 15 minutes every day to read with them in the Book of Mormon.  And this way, they will start feeling the Spirit every day and they will choose themselves to become stronger members.  They all agree to it because we are only there for 15 minutes and they get to kick us out if we are there any longer.  So it should work out super good!  Hopefully we will see the "fruits" of it this week or next.

And today we are going to Moody Gardens!  It’s Galveston's biggest tourist attraction and we have a member that scored all the missionaries free tickets.  They have 3 big pyramids and we are going to one that is a giant rainforest and another that is a big aquarium!  Should be super sweet!

Love you guys!

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