Monday, July 20, 2015

Pray for our Branch!

We found Sergio again!!  It was the best thing ever!  We were teaching his dad and Sergio just walked out and sat down with us.  It was like a dream come true!  The only problem was that we were already 30 minutes late to a meeting so we couldn't stay long.  But hopefully we can be able to see him more often now.  It seems like all the excitement he had before is gone now...  He hasn't read or prayed since we saw him last.  But that will change soon!!

We met some super cool people this week while we just biked around.  One guy we found, turned out to be a recent convert, but he dropped the church right after he was baptized for some reason.  But he is super cool!  He just moved here and is planning to open a surf shop on Seawall.  So we gave him our number and he said he might call us so that we could help him set it up.  We also met a guy who is gutting his house.  We helped him move a bunch of cabinets into his house.  And then, because we ended up moving like 2 big trailers worth of cabinets, he tried to pay us and was super persistent about it.  Eventually we convinced him that instead of paying us with money, he could just call us one day and teach us how to fix houses.  So hopefully now we have two super sweet service projects in the future.  The only problem is that they are both out of our area and not Spanish... so its kinda hard to check up on them when we have no real purpose...

And we got to serve in the community garden on Wednesday morning.  It was super fun!  In the middle of downtown, there is a whole block were people can just garden.  We helped this lady weed around her watermelon plants.  Too bad we didn't get to eat any watermelon :(  We all got super sunburnt though.  Now I am all pealy, haha

Moody gardens was super sweet!  We went first to the rainforest pyramid.  It’s a 10-story green house and inside is just full of ponds and streams and huge trees and jungle plants all over.  And then it is just filled with all types of birds flying around.  There are even some giant parrots just chillin.  Then all the ponds are full of crazy weird fish and turtles and rays, etc.  And cruising around in the trees are sloths and some little monkeys, haha.  And then there are rooms inside with other exhibits of animals and things that are in cages or exhibits, like lizards and snakes and frogs.  So they build a path that goes around and crisscrosses the whole pyramid going up and down and all over.  And then every once in a while there are other animals like jungle cats and komodo dragons and bats and they are in the middle of the rainforest too but just have nets around them so they can't get out.  It was so sweet! We also went to the aquarium pyramid too.  It was like any giant aquarium, just full of fish and sharks and rays and turtles and all other marine life all over.  I got a bunch of pictures to send.

Finally, just one request before I wrap up.  The Galveston Spanish branch needs prayers.  We are really struggling and if we can't help more people be more active and committed to the gospel and church, then they could shut down the branch and just make us part of the English Ward.  That would make it really hard for our members that come now to still want to go to a church where they have to receive translation.  So pray for the branch and for the members.  And pray that all the missionaries and leaders will know what to do in order to help the branch move forward.

Thank you so much!  Love you guys!

Elder Lund

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