Monday, August 10, 2015

More Service and a Baptismal Commitment!

Spray painting Aqua's bike and sporting a new haircut 
It was super windy so we used this sign to block the wind
Pulling trailers with a lawn mower
Luis, me, Christian, Benjamin, and Elder Lesznski after playing soccer

We did a lot of service this week and it was fun! 

One day we helped a less active named Lee move.  Well, we have helped him move a lot!  He has to leave but he doesn't want to so he likes to make things that a lot longer and move a lot slower.  But this time we just took some initiative and went to town on organizing things so that it will all be easy to move when he is ready.  So we started on his back driveway/patio. It was full of trash, lawn mowers, weed-eaters, motorcycles and mopeds, tires, tools... Just everything that a home mechanic could ever want.  It took a while to put everything in its place and clean up.  Lee told us to load some things on his trailers too.  It was sweet!  We used his tuned up ride-on lawn mower to move all his trailers around.  I'll send a picture. That thing was super loud!  We also started to organize his garage and put all the parts and tools away.  It was as if a mechanic worked in his garage everyday, but never put anything back and just pushed it around to make room.  But it was super fun!  So we got nice and dirty that day :)

Then, I reunited with one of my investigators that I had like 2 years ago.  So right before I left this area before, we started teaching a girl and her sister named Aqua and Alex.  Turns out that they both got baptized 2 weeks after I left.  And we usually go see her younger brother, so when we went by this week, and she had come back from school, we got to catch up. Turns out she has been going to school in Colorado and she is still super active!  She got her Patriarchal Blessing like a month ago too!  So after we caught up she mentioned that she wanted to paint her bike.  So we took off all the chrome, sanded off all the rust, and spray painted it silver. It was super fun, and we ended the night with silver nail polish, haha.

And our last little service endeavor was when my companion, Elder Leszynski, had to do an audit in the Kemah branch. He is the stake auditor here. Well we did some exchanges and I was with one of the English Elders who knows how to work on cars.  So we went to the Reyes and helped Raul to fix his truck’s broken water pump.  Good thing Elder Hoyt, my English missionary friend, knows what he is doing!  And hopefully, as I watched, I got to learn a thing or two ;)

Other exciting events: We went to play soccer at the local Galveston Gym with a less active and two youth in our branch.  It was super fun!  And then we went to Lemon Paradise. It’s a Mexican ice cream/smoothie/snack shop that is owned by another less active here.  They make super good mango shakes!! 

Also, the Diazes came down from Sugarland and took us out to eat!  We went to Kelly's.  It’s like the most Texan food you can get.  Their food is ginormous! T hey have specially made extra big plates!  It was so good and super fun to be with the Diazes again!  They are way too nice!  And now Elder Leszynski is in love with them too! So now he will probably have to be transferred there as well.

But the best part of this week was when we tried to see Sergio. We still haven't had much luck with him because he just works a bunch!  We are just going to wait till his girlfriend gets back because she is a member.  But, we talked to his older brother Jesus Jr.  He is the coolest!  So prepared!  We taught him the restoration and he accepted a baptismal date for the 22nd!!  So that means he has 2 weeks to do it all...  But it’s ok, I have so much faith and confidence in him!  We are just going to work super hard with him these next few weeks.

Other than that, all our other children of God that we teach are still about the same.  Slowly progressing, but no one came to church this week.... :( It was crushing!  Just wait till next week when they all come!!

Love you guys! Thanks for all your prayers!

Elder Lund

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