Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Last Week in the Mission Field!

Last chance to attend the temple!
We decided to change our P day to today so that we could take one last temple trip before I leave. Man!  Ending a mission is hard...

So this week we spent a lot of time translating.  The Quorum of the 12 came out with a Sabbath Day training forever ago, but somehow it got lost in the mix and never made it to our branch.  So this week we had to find it, well actually steal it from the other ward, and then since it was in English, we had to translate all of it into Spanish.  That took for-ev-er...  Talk about hours in my companion's clerk’s office. One of us would watch the video and translate sentence-by-sentence while the other would study or make calls.  Then we would switch.  But, we got it done, and were able to use it in our PEC meeting on Sunday.  It will for sure help us to make some needed changes here.

I got to bike in the rain again!!!!!!!!!  So this whole time I have been here in Galveston it hasn't rained once... Then after leaving the church one night, it rained.  I love biking in the rain!  Well don't get me wrong, biking in the rain everyday would be terrible.  But I had so much fun.  Just waterproof all my scriptures and pamphlets and just have no cares about getting wet.  Here in this rain, being in it for 10 seconds or being in it for 10 hours makes almost no difference at all.  You end up completely wet either way, haha.  It’s always fun to get home just wet and cold and immediately take a hot shower.  So nice!

We also started a new program here called “Venid a Mi”.  It’s pretty much just home teaching, but a little bit more thought out and specific.  We have 7 companionships that will teach 7 less active or recent convert families.  And the presidency and the missionaries prepared 12 specific lessons that end with them starting their own family home evenings and setting up a temple trip!  It should be super cool!  Too bad I won't be here to see it in action, but I will just keep in contact and hear about it all.  The families that will teach are super excited!  I have never seen this branch so willing to participate in a church project!  It should be super cool!

Then for weekly planning we did something a little different.  Usually we just sit and go over who we have to teach and what they need and we usually end up getting distracted a lot.  So we decided to change things up because we weren’t having much success with what we had already.  So we picked a few key people and then prayed.  And we didn't just say a prayer, but we Prayed...for like an hour and a half.  We lost track of time. ;)  We took turns speaking and we just talked out all that we know about these people and what we think they need and what we think we can do, and just every situation possible. Then we took notes every time that we got a thought or revelation or prompting of anything. It was really neat.  Then we spent another 45 minutes just evaluating it all and making plans. So let’s see if it all works out this week...  It was a really cool experience for Elder Leszynski and me.

What else did we do...  We spent a good amount of time working with a less active named Nathely.  We never could get through to her until one day on exchanges, I just sat and talked to her for a good while, just about her.  And she started to open up about herself and even now pays more attention to what we have to say about the gospel.  And she mentioned how she is just at home alone all day and likes when we come over because its good company.  So even though it’s not the most productive time, until we help her get a good friend in the church… So, we have spent the first bit just talking about her life and more than we would do with a normal investigator.  We have found that as we spend sometimes up to 45 minutes talking first, then during the lesson she actually listens and participates. Plus, we have a lot more charity and understanding for her now than we did before.  So now we just need her to get a friend to do this for her instead of 2 Elders who are really busy.  But you can never be too kind to someone so its worth it!

Because of certain things that came up, it was really hard to have quality visits this week with our investigators.  We are going to try super hard this week and get a lot of people to church for my last Sunday! 

Love you all!  Thank you to everyone who played a part in helping me get to where I am today!  I'm so grateful for this chance I had and still have to love and serve the people of Houston!

Love Elder Lund

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