Monday, November 18, 2013

Zone Conference and 1st Talk in Spanish

We had some crazy stuff happen this week!  On Monday we went to a referral and it turned out to be some shady black guy smoking a blunt.  He said he wanted nothing to do with us so we went back to the car.  But I decided that wasn’t good enough so I decided to put a pass a long card on his truck.  Right as I put it on the window I see him walking around the front of the car and he looked super sketchy so I walked super fast back to the car and we peeled out of there!  And then he turned on his car and started following us, but we did some quick turns and lost him.  It was a close one though!   

Then we went to Enrique’s house.  We are working hard with him and he likes everything we teach him, but he has a hard time reading the scriptures so we showed him how to listen to them on his phone and maybe that will help.  While we were there he told us how some kid tried to break into his car in front of his house so he chased him through the neighborhood with his gun and shot at him a couple times!   And then he was talking about his dogs (a pitbull and a siberian husky) and how he went jogging with them and they started fighting hard core with each other. And dog fights are the thing he hates most so he got out his gun and was trying to decide which to shot first so they didn’t kill each other!  Luckily they separated but his pitbull bit him.  But who in the world has a gun while jogging and will shoot his dog out in the open?!  He’s gnarly!  Haha, I like talking to him.

And then we had zone conference.  It was super cool and I learned a lot. My favorite part was one of the assistants talked about giving Christ all we have and he will make up the rest.  Just like when Christ needed to feed the multitude and all the disciples had was some loaves and a few fishes. But because they gave everything, Christ made up the rest and it fed the multitude of 5,000.  And then the best part was because of their faith and sacrifice, they ended up with more food leftover then they started with!  So if we whole heartedly give up everything and have faith, he will make up the rest and leave us with more blessings for ourselves.

So, I’ve figured out is the biggest problem we have here is finding new people to teach in Spanish.  When we ride our bikes we OYM everyone (open your mouth and talk to everyone), we see and find a bunch of people interested.  The only problem is that 80% of them speak English and we have to give them to the English elders.  It’s hard to give up some perfect people that we find but I guess its ok.  We are all doing the same work.

Yesterday I went on my first exchange to the island. Haha, Galveston is where everyone wants to go because it’s on an island.  It reminds me a lot of Laguna because it’s super foggy in the morning and at night, and the air is cold and moist, and you can almost feel the water in the air.   But we talked to this guy about how his acid trip brought him closer to God, haha. He lost contact with reality and almost died!  Now he believes it was God giving him a second chance on life.  So at least now he wants god.  And then I did a sweet jump on my bike and this little black kid gave me props. I think I got like a foot of air, haha, but it made me feel good.

Oh... and on Sunday I had to give a talk... in Spanish!  But it actually went really well. I talked about how Jesus gave thanks for the little bread he had for the multitude and how the brother of Jared was safe on their journey to the promise land because they continually gave thanks for what they had. So if we give thanks for everything the lord gives us, we will be blessed so much and not have room to receive it.

But anyways, tell Hunter happy birthday for me.  Too bad I wont be there for it.  And I also wont be there for ma becks’ pumpkin cookies.  Those are so good and I could eat a million of them.  And I got the packages today, haha, so many of them, but I haven’t had time to open them yet!

And the last thing:  Pres thinks we will get iPads in January!  We would then go completely paperless and have everything on an iPad mini.  That will be so sweet, and it reminded me of how Dad went completely paperless.

Love, Elder Parks

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