Monday, November 4, 2013

Halloween & Dia de los Muertos

My district with my native teacher
A little bird I caught after it flew into my window

So this week was Halloween and Dia de los Muertos so it was a party.  On Halloween we went and trick or treated at a senior couples house that we are friends with.  I was able to wear my eye patch and fangs that mom sent me.  They thought it was so funny because we had like 8 guys that all did it together.  They took a picture and had me put down my parents email so they could send it to them.  I don’t know if they ever did but I’m pretty sure I put down dad’s.  They didn’t have candy so they gave us their special yogurt pie.  The bottom was almost a white cake and the top layer was just strawberry yogurt and then there was something else on top.  It was all frozen and it actually wasn’t that bad.

(Oh and btw the j button is stuck to the h button on this keyboard so most times when I put an h, it also puts a j)

But then we had Dia de los Muertos.  Our teacher gave us the special Pan de Muerto.  It’s like a sweet roll covered with sugar on top.  It was so good!   He also gave us little chocolate skulls with our names on them.  I got a few pictures of those. 

My chocolate skull selfie
My arts and crafts dream catcher I made one night

And finally, we had in field orientation all day Friday.  It’s a bunch of workshops that teach you how to work with members, trust the spirit, planning, and other stuff like that.  It was pretty cool but it was all day in little tiny classrooms. 

Ya, so I leave the CCM at 5:30am tomorrow, which means I will probably fly out around like 10am.  I don’t know for sure yet because I cant get my flight info till tonight, but we are allowed to do a quick email to our family before we leave.

But besides all that, this week has been full of people packing and saying goodbyes.  Three people have already left from our district and most of us leave early tomorrow morning.  Maybe I will get to write you again tomorrow and I heard that if you have a layover, you can call home so if I have a layover I might call you around like 11-1 ish.  No promises though cuz I don’t know if or when I’ll have one.

Elder Parks

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