Tuesday, October 1, 2013

My First Week at the Mexico MTC

The MTC, or la CCM in Spanish, is alright.  We just study all day long and it’s hard to stay focused for so long.  All the other districts take breaks and play games and stuff, but not the 12D!  Everyone in my district is in hardcore missionary mode and they like to only study then have a little fun in between the studying.  I swear they must have put me in this district for a reason.  Just like Chandler said, they give the hoodlum California boys a strict companion... except that's my whole district!

I don't think the food is bad, but it's not the best either.  It's cold in the mornings but gets like 80-90s during the day.  The best part is we have gym time every day and I've been playing soccer and volleyball.  We are at 7,000 ft and it's so hot that I die every time.  It sprinkles most days while I've been here but it has never fully rained yet.

My companion's name is Elder H.  He is from Ogden, Utah and he's kind of a goober.  He is super tall and skinny.  He does some weird stuff in the way he acts and talks, but it's just different, and I love having him as my companion.  He is definitely teaching me more of the Spanish and spiritual aspects and I'm kinda bringing him out of his shell and stuff.  We work great together.  We are super close and it's good because I am learning a lot from him. 

This Sunday was fast Sunday and I prayed super hard to receive an answer as to why I'm her and if I'm doing the right thing because it's not super hard here but it's hard to stay focused and excited about the work.  Well during class that Sunday I was telling a story and that's when I got my answer super strong.  I told everyone and I even cried a little.  It was weird.  

My teacher is Hermana Haz and she is really cool.  She had interviews with everyone and during mine I ended up really opening up to her.  It was kinda weird for me!  I told her about how I grew up in the church so I was always taught it was true, but other than that I never really gave much effort in the church.  So during my interview I told her all my prayer and she said that's exactly how she was in the MTC.  

She said she could teach me how to do everything from studying to teaching.  So that's rad that we are super close now and she's going to help me out.  She also said that my companion and me are like a super companionship because he has the Spanish and all the gospel stuff down, and I have the kind of outgoing attitude that will really draw investigators in and they will like it.  So, I guess I have that going for me.  

I have actually learned so much in la CCM so far, and we have taught this investigator three times already.  We just got back from the temple and it was pretty cool doing a session in Spanish. The best part is that there is a friend from college here so I see him every time we eat and at big devotionals and its nice to just talk about stuff we have done or what is going on with someone we already know.  

Here are some pics.  They are of me and my companion, me and my district at the temple, and the view from my room.

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