Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Halfway through the CCM!

Guess what?  Me and my boy are the new Zone Leaders!  It’s pretty cool, but right now our zone is really small so hopefully we get more people.  Now I have to be super responsible and be the example for everyone else. It’s cool because I have already been able to help a few missionaries.

Anyways, nothing too big happened this week.  All we do is study.  But I did teach a lesson completely by the spirit and I definitely had the gift of tongues on my side.  It wasn’t perfect Spanish but I pretty much said all I wanted to in round about ways.  It was rad.

And this week I was able to anoint for two blessings, one to my teacher and one to a Hermana in my district.  I haven’t said a blessing yet, but it was still super cool.  We went to the temple again today and I knew a little bit more of what was going on so that’s good.

Any who… I found a teacher with a slack line but he wont let me borrow it because its too dangerous for missionaries… but we improvise and tightrope on fences and jungle gym type stuff.  I’ll send some pictures.

I named our fly swatter in our dorm “the flaming sword of cherubim.”  I carve tallies in it for every life I take, but so far I only have six because for some reason only our room has no bugs.  All of our roommates left so it’s only me and H. in a dorm meant for 6.  It actually gets kind of lonely! 

I’ve learned a lot so far and I’m halfway done.  3 more weeks and I’ll be in Texas! 

Until next week, hugs and kisses from Elder Parks
The old Zone Leaders with the new Zone Leaders

With the District

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