Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Conference, Soccer, and Waffles

Ya, I haven’t gotten anything in the mail yet.  They say it takes like 2 to 3 weeks for something to come in the mail.  What a bunch of slackers! Haha!

So I’ve only been here for 13 days but it feels like I’ve been here a month! But now the time is flying by!  People say, at the CCM a day is a week and a week is a day and its totally true.  Did you see the world report on the CCM after conference?  Because that is where I am!  It’s crazy because it’s like a sanctuary inside the walls, but outside is the crazy city.  At night we always hear sirens and the cannons from the church across the valley. 

Last week I had to get my haircut and they have a place right here at the CCM.  The two Mexican ladies that work there don’t speak English so I just told her I needed a hair cut and let her work her magic, because I didn’t know how to say anything else!  Haha!  It’s pretty much a buzz with one size longer on top.  I’ve never had my hair this short before.  I’ll send some pictures.

I also found out that as of right now I will be coming home September 8, 2015.  Pretty crazy, right?  Haha!

One of my favorite parts here is we watch these videos from the New York Times online. They are called one in 8 million.  They are narrated autobiographical slide shows about people and their lives and they are each like 5 minutes long.  Then we use the video and the people and discuss the best way we could teach them and why they personally need the gospel in their lives.  I love them and I love learning about all the people.  You should watch a few!  My favorite is the homeless black guy with dreads who plays the violin in the subway.  I’ve learned a lot from those videos because each person is different and needs to hear a different part of the gospel.

At the CCM, all the missionaries watched conference together in a big auditorium.  My favorite talk was Elder Dube's and how he talked about looking forward at the work we have still to do.  But during Uchtdorf’s and Monson’s talks, all I could think about was hearing Hunter's impressions at the dinner table right before I left!  I had a nice little chuckle!

Still one of my favorite parts of the day is every morning when we have gym time.  It’s not the most spiritual time, but I like it because I can wear my tie-dyed shark shirt and my stance socks and just play soccer everyday.  Now that I’ve been here long enough and the fact that I’ve played some soccer before, I’ve pretty much been accepted by the nativos and the really good white kids.  It’s pretty sweet.  Everyday we play on this cement court that was originally a basketball court, but it has a small goal at each side.  It has a 20-foot fence around the whole thing so we call it The Cage!  Like one might say, “I’ll see you in The Cage tomorrow”, pretty threatening!  The hardest part is that Hermanas play and they know that the Elders can’t really touch them or get physical.  They know that so they use it to their advantage!  Like if a Hermana has the ball, one might try to stick a foot in here or there but that’s about it.  But when Elders are going at it, they push each other up against the cage and the real fun begins!

This morning for breakfast, they served chicken and waffles, but they completely messed up the stereotype because they didn’t fry the chicken, they sliced it.  And then they added lettuce and tomato on top and called it a sandwich.  Down here they do Mexican food very well but whenever they try to do American food, its just never quite the same.

Anyways, that’s about everything worthwhile that happened this week. Other than that, I just study all day.  I started reading the Book of Mormon in English during personal study.  I started 4 days ago and I’m already at Mosiah 4!  Pretty crazy, right?  But I think I’m just frying my brain, I’ve never read so much in my life!

Well... till next week, Elder Lund

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