Tuesday, October 29, 2013

CCM Love Story & Soccer in the Rain!

I leave for Texas in 6 days...I think. You can never be sure around here because the schedules always tend to change somehow. I actually can’t wait to get out of here.  It was fun for a while but now it is just the same exact thing every single day.  Texas will bring a little more variety.

So supposedly this week, there was a hurricane on the coast.  It has been rainy and cold for like 4 days. And lucky me, I didn’t bring any jackets except for a light sweater.  But I stole one of my comps jackets. It’s so steezy.  It’s made to cover your bag so it’s a tall tee, but it’s also an XL.  It goes down to my knees, haha! 

Me and Tywans played soccer in the rain for like 2 hours with some natives.  It was so fun and I just stomped around and we ended up soaked. But we took hot showers after and oh boy it was heaven!

Also, I have this native teacher named Hermano Tapia.  His girlfriend, Hermana Valasquez, teaches here too, but at nights so she is always in our class.  Then a couple days ago, in the middle of class, he proposed... he said he had been thinking about it all day and he wanted to do it in front of the CCM sign but that it was just was the right time.  It was adorable and she said yes and we were off track for the rest of the day. Then I told him he should name his primer hijo Elder Lund and he started cracking up.  He laughed so hard he had to sit down. I don’t know if that’s a good or a bad thing.

We also sang in the devotional on Sunday.  My whole district loves to sing and one Elder is a music major so he took on the task of making us a choir and constructing a number.  We sang in front of the whole place so almost 1,000 people.  It was cool.   We sang a mix of Where Can I Turn For Peace and Abide With Me so it was all about finding Christ.

Also, there is one Hermana who is a pro with the Book of Mormon and she knows it front to back.  So whenever I start zoning out in study time, she comes over and talks with me about what I have been studying.  It’s really good because we both get a different interpretation of it.  We help each other out and it gets me back on track for later.  We got tired of studying El Libro de Mormon so we decided to pick apart Revelations. It’s impossible! Between the four beasts and the seven candles and the angel holding seven stars, there is no way! It took us half an hour to pick apart like 2 verses!  When I get to Texas and if it’s ok, you should send me a book on Revelations because it’s pretty interesting.

Hunter emailed me and showed me everything.  I’m so jealous!  He will be a pro skater and surfer by the time I get back and he will have to teach me everything.  Just hold out on Maddie until she starts driving the Porsche haha. 

Here are some pictures of me and tywans before he left and of what I have for breakfast cada dia.

Tywans and I before he left

Daily Breakfast

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  1. Oh, I love that he put a picture of him and Tyler up here, and talked about playing soccer together. Good luck to Elder Lund in Texas!