Monday, January 13, 2014

Witness to the Circle of Life

The new baptism is doing good.  Roy was never in the hospital; that was Maria’s husband.  We found out yesterday that he died after being in the hospital for a week, but we haven’t gotten the chance to go see her yet.

To start off, walking into the library, I was holding the door open for some old man and then he just backs off and yells "get the h%&# away from me!" haha.  What a grumpy old man!  He needs the gospel in his life.

But yeah so Maria’s husband died I guess from a respiratory problem.  But her daughter Mariana had a baby girl named Esmerelda and we got to see the baby in the hospital.  It was pretty cool cuz I’ve never seen a brand newborn baby like that.  And while we were there we talked to a gay, Jewish doctor named Sean. haha He was pretty funny but very gay.  He saw us and was like “no f*&%#$ way, real life missionaries are in my hospital!” I guess he has seen the Book of Mormon musical and was excited to talk to us.  He said the musical went too far and just made bad fun of too much.  But he really got a kick out of the fact that there are actually people from Laguna Beach and it’s not just fantasyland, haha.

And then I had my first interview with President and everyone said they are the greatest thing ever and that he tells you exactly what you need to hear.  I have no idea what they are talking about because that’s not how mine went.  He called me in and told me to explain about an investigator in Spanish for five minutes.  He told me I could work on remembering to use past tense and then kicked me out!  I got squatty and my interview was 5 minutes when everyone else’s were 15 at least.  Hmmmm, I guess I’m perfect. I’ll probably go AP this transfer, no big deal. 

And I don’t know if you know who Enrique is.  He is the one who showed us his gun and has a big husky outside that always tries to kill us. I don’t know, but he was definitely my favorite with all his stories about the cartels and shooting stuff.  Well, we had to drop him this week because he never kept commitments. Man, dropping people is the worst!  We build this great relationship and then just have to tell them we can’t see them anymore.  But one day he will come around. 

We don’t track.  We only work through referrals and talking to people we pass by on the street.  Sometimes it’s slow when we run out of people to try, but then we usually just talk to their neighbors and it usually helps.

Hunter is so lucky to get to go ski!  I miss it so much!  Especially cuz last season is when I actually got pretty good.

Did you ever find a Spanish-to-english electronic dictionary? Cuz it would be super helpful but if not I need a normal dictionary cuz i just steal elder Bilal’s everyday.

And also this week, I found the sickest 80’s slide projector at our church.  It’s so rad!  It has film rolls of slides and a cassette player to play music to go along with it. I borrowed it and cleaned it up and fixed the mirrors and lenses and so I just play around with it at nights.  But I only have one role of film so I need to find another.

Anyways, a little scripture for the week: Romans 8:38-39, I think... but it’s about how nothing can separate us from Christ’s love and its super good.

Love, Elder Parks

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