Friday, January 24, 2014

Crazy Stories at McDonald's!

Haha my comp was buzzing his heat but his trimmers dies so now he's walking around the apartment with just one side shaved and the rest is puffed up.  It's classic!

When you were on your mission, did you do exchanges?  Because the are the best!  It's like a vacation!  Cuz my comp is super strict so when I go on exchanges it feels like I get to relax a little and have some fun, then come back and go to work.  

This last exchange I had was nuts!   So this lady calls us and says to come meet her at her house.  So we are biking over there and then she told us to meet her at McDonald's.  So we change course and then Elder Birks (the guy I was on exchanges with) his chain broke.  So we fixed that and got super greasy so we had to wash our hands at McDonald's.  

As we are entering McDonald's, this guy across the street yells at us to go see him.  So we go over and he says his name is "Black Kenny".  And then just straight up asks for a Book of Mormon.  But we had to him our number cuz we only had Spanish with us.  Then we finally went in to wash our hands.  While in the bathroom, this crazy black guy starts preaching to us.  He was pretty much rapping.  And he says "I've been to the doctors 4 times in the last 2 months.  Last time they told me I had Lukemia.  I said 'No, I have Jesus!' and then I walked out."  It was pretty crazy!  Then he started singing to us! (we are still in the bathroom). Finally he told us he wants to be a missionary for our church but he doesn't want to go cuz we can't teach him something that Jesus already hasn't. ?? By the time we got out of there we had been in there for a good 10 minutes.

Then we actually talk to the lady we wanted to meet.  But a McDonald's lady said we had to leave cuz we were loitering.  So I bought a burger to make her happy.  Then after talking to her a Native American guy came up and said he was interested in learning about how Christ came to the Americas.  So we gave him a Book of Mormon with our info and told him to read 3 Nephi 11-26.  

But then the manager at McDonalds told us he called the cops because we weren't allowed to preach there.  So we high-tailed it out of there but on the way out like 3 people said they want to talk to us!  McDonald's is a gold mine!  

So as we biked down the street, we saw a cop go into McDonald's from the other direction.  Close one!  But that's my little story for you this week.  

Miss you!  Love you!  Got to go!

Love, Elder Lund

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