Monday, June 15, 2015

The Last of the Service & Being Transferred!

Soccer with the Comps
Ice Cream!
Performing Service
Typical mold we're removing

I think that the service here is starting to wrap up.  On Monday we went and helped the Red Cross for the last time.  We got to translate for the Red Cross and also for the other organizations/charities that were there.  Best organization ever: HOPE.  It’s just a group of people that go around with their therapeutic dogs.  Pretty much they go around to disaster sites or hospitals and just let people play with their dogs to relieve stress.  So pretty much whenever I wasn't translating I was with the dogs!  It was pretty fun, haha.

We also saw Alexis for the last time before we both left.  Oh yeah, BTW I am getting transferred on Wednesday...  We got to teach him and then his mom invited us to eat with them!  She made us super good chicken and rice and beans.  So typical, haha but so good!  And it was cool because we got to talk a lot with his mom and his siblings.  They invited us to his sisters’ quinceƱera down in Monterrey Mexico.  Too bad only Elder Tate will be home for it.  And Monterrey is super dangerous and so he probably won't be going down there any time soon.

We got to teach Sami and his wife Hilda.  It was the coolest lesson because the Sierras taught the whole thing!  We decided to read “The Family: A Proclamation To The World” and we took turns reading and then the Sierras just did all the explaining and teaching.  It was so cool!  They are super good missionaries.

Then I finally made it to the city!  I did an exchange with Elder McDonald (my Kemah roommate) in Houston 2, right were all the floods happened. So all day we did service.  And it was just the normal taking out sheet rock, but we also got to paint with this special mold-killing paint so that was super fun!  And we were able to get a bunch of our youth from H4 to come and serve with us.  That was super fun because we got them out serving others and we could get close to them and talk about missionary work a lot.  And then we went around the city and the complexes and teach a few lessons.

On Saturday we had the Father's day activity in the ward.  We had a bunch of people come to it!  We had a lunch of tacos and then a bunch of activities and we finished by having a huge soccer game.  It rained during the whole thing so we were all soaked and sliding all over the place.  And a member brought two of her friends!  They are super legit and came to church as well!  Well, turns out one of the friends, Eva, had her house flooded and she hadn't taken anything out.  She was still trying to live there with all the mold.  So we ran over there with another companionship and a member and started ripping out the carpet, flooring, sheetrock, cabinets...  We did work on that house!  We worked Saturday and Sunday and in one more day we will be able to finish the whole house.  But at church, both the friends took notes on all their questions and then we answered them all when we went over to work.  So tonight we are going to teach them again and invite them to be baptized at the end of this month. They are super accepting and super ready.  Lets pray it all works out.  Too bad I won't be here for the baptism...

Love you all!!

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