Monday, June 8, 2015

I Love Service Work!

The Clean Up Crew
At the Temple!

This is what we did everyday

The water they gave us was in cans

This week was a lot like last week. We did a lot of service in our companionship, like 80+ hours combined! This week we focused mainly on going around and helping people rip out floors and sheetrock.  In most places, everything that was touched by water had to be removed and then all the sheetrock up to 3 feet high had to be pulled out as well.   Because some of the poor people were going around and taking ruined furniture from waste piles, we were told to destroy everything.  So we got to break a lot of things this week.  Pretty much like in wrestling when they hit someone with the chair and the pieces go flying... well we did that, just our main purpose was not to hurt people, haha.

We are leaving in a few minutes to go help the Red Cross translate for all the people coming to get supplies.  Working for the Red Cross is probably the most cush service in the whole mission right now.  We just sit, speak Spanish, make people happy, and eat snacks.  It seems like we don't do anything, but without us everything at the Red Cross would take at least 3 times as long, so it’s nice.

This week we found out that Alexis is going to Mexico for the entire summer.  He leaves on Wednesday and won't be back until the end of August.  So pretty much, Alexis might get back and find completely new missionaries here.  But he is such a stud!  He already had plans to read and pray every day and to find the church by his house.  So we gave him a little bit of help and got him the address to the church, the bishop’s number, the address to the temple in Monterrey, and today we are going to work on getting him the number to the missionaries down there so they can watch over him and help with whatever he needs.  Plus, we are going to get permission to be able to Skype him every now and again with his friend and fellowshipper Alfredo Valdez.  Should be schweet!

We also have continued to teach Maria and her little girls.  They are the cutest ever!  I'll have to try and get a picture some day.  She has 3 daughters: Mareli is 7, Yaretzi is 6, and Alejandra is 5.  During our lessons they make the funniest comments and just laugh the whole time.  They told me that I have ojos del muñeco (eyes of a doll) because I am the only one with blue eyes.  Last time we saw them, we gave them giant marshmallows that were about the size of their fists!  Haha, they loved them so much!  And then we got to go play soccer with them and volleyball with Maria and her family.  So now we should be super good friends with them so we can help them come to church.

We also started teaching a lady name Mercedes.  She is from Mexico and we met her when we talked to her husband on the street.  We have taught her a couple times and with members from the ward and she loves it so far!  She accepted to be baptized on July 11 if she finds out it is all true. And she is willing to read the Book of Mormon to find out.  She didn't come to church this weekend because everyone had a late night on Saturday, but she promised that they will be ready for next Sunday.  She is going to love it!  And hopefully we can start to also teach her husband and her children with her.

And finally, yesterday, we met a super cool old Mexican guy named Manuel.  We sat down and taught him in his garage and he told us all about how he got married in Mexico and then his wife moved here (she was already a citizen) and in order for him to get here, he had to cross the river, and then hide in a truck to get a ride up here... It was a pretty sweet story when he told it in full detail.  But he liked the restoration a lot and accepted baptism for July 4th!  Part of me thinks that he might not understand it fully because he just accepted it super easy and that doesn't usually happen, but instead of think that, I am just going to believe that he is super prepared and is going to be baptized super fast!

But that was my week and it went by way too fast!  They seem to do that now :(  But I hope that all of y'all had a great week!

Love Elder Lund

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