Monday, January 5, 2015

New Area and New Companion!

I have 100% complete faith that this was the mission for me, just not sure why yet.  When I email my foreign friends, they talk about crazy South American things and its pretty much like, oh man that would be so cool to be living there. But that doesn’t really matter.

But yes, I did get transferred, and back to my original Galveston zone. Now I am in Kemah, but technically, all of our area is in Houston.  Just a bunch of suburbs right outside the city, and they are mainly on the average to poor side of town.  But I am back in an all-Spanish branch and we speak Spanish all day long in the companionship and the apartment.  

My companion is Elder Mota from Mexico City!  He is super cool!  And he was in my last zone for a little so I already knew him.  Turns out, he has had some really strict and hard companions his whole mission and it has been rough for him.  So pretty much we are going to work hard, but have fun doing it, so he starts to love the mission.  And I live in an apartment with another companionship, so that is really fun too.  There is always something going on.  Oh and PS, Elder Mota is just teaching me how to cook food from his home, so hopefully I can learn a lot from him.

The one hard part is we live 15-ish minutes outside of our area, and the church is 25 minutes from the apartment in the other direction.  So that makes working a little hard if we are tight on time.  For example, church ended at 3:30pm yesterday.  By the time we finished things up, it was about 4pm and we had a dinner appointment right next to the church.  So because of the time, we just sat at the church in the family history room for an hour until our appointment.  Then afterwards, we went to give a blessing in the sisters’ area and by the time we finished there it was 8pm. This meant we did not have time to drive to our area and teach, let alone the miles to drive all the way there for 1 lesson.  So we just visited another member in the sisters’ area and didn’t even see ours all day yesterday.  So we will have fun with that little aspect.

Other than that, I love it here. Speaking Spanish all day!  English is for little girls y somos machos!  We have a couple of super cool recent converts that are around 20 and they both come out with us all the time.  We have a bunch of church activities again.  And there are a lot of missionaries around here, so I don’t have to go a whole week before I see another companionship, haha!  Next week, I can talk more about the people we are working with...

Elder Lund

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