Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Losing Bets to the Sisters...and Girls Soccer

This week was another hard working, busy week, but we did a lot of fun things too.  Elder Mota and I made a bet with a sister companionship that we could teach more lessons with a member present this week.  The bad part is that they usually get about 10 and we usually get about 2 or 3, just because of the fact that the whole branch lives in other areas and none in ours.  So we made the bet so we would work super hard, but let me tell ya, it was almost impossible. We would invite about 2 members a day, and something would always happen and it wouldn’t work out. They would get a surprise call to go into work, we would get too busy in other important things, they wouldn’t be home, just anything possible.  It was the same way with the sisters too. In the end they beat us just by a few lessons... So now we have to buy them pizza.  Whatever, knowing them, they will eat a slice each and then give the rest to us.

Also this week, we went to a recent convert’s high school girls’ soccer game.  I am pretty sure that might not be the best place for an Elder!  Just a bunch of high school girls from a bunch of teams in their small uniforms, and then 4 Elders in the middle, haha.  Luckily it was really cold, like 36, so most of them were covered up.  But she loved that we all came so I guess it was worth it.  We also started playing soccer in our branch on Friday nights.  It is pretty much just the missionaries and all the youth, members and non-members.  But we think that when it warms back up again, we will get a lot of the other members too.

But the best spiritual thing that happened this week was with our Mission Leader, Hermano Briones.  He is a single 30-yr-old guy who is super rich and super lazy when it comes to church.  So we went over after church and ate with him (super good Ecuadorian chicken by the way) and then taught him how to be a man.  We watched the Mormon message, "Let Us Be Men" and talked about sacrificing for the things that matter most.  So we made good plans that he is going to read his scriptures everyday, and also start changing himself into a better person instead of just complaining about how much the other people in the branch suck.  And guess what? He called the other Elders last night and asked if he can go teach with them!  That was super cool because he is always too busy to teach with us or give people rides.  Making progress!

(On the subject of what Parker may want to do for a living later)  My patriarchal blessing says I will travel many nations and see much sadness and poverty, but I will know how to help them.  And I need to get a doctorate degree.  I want to talk to Pres about it in my next interview, but when I read that, I thought humanitarian of some sort, because my Ecuador service trip is one of my most favorite memories.  Maybe I will start a clean water project in Sierra Leone, haha.  

I am going to BYU in the fall, Pres told me so.  And he says I am getting a stupor of thought because I already made a decision and God doesn’t want me to change it.  I am still working on accepting it as the best for me, but I know he is right.  Anyways, if that is true, wouldn’t I need a little 4 wheel drive thing for Utah, and to go up the mountain to ski? I haven’t thought about it much.

Elder Lund

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