Monday, May 18, 2015

I Love Seeing Miracles!

Hermana Diaz
Our White Boards Fell Down!
Check Out This Armadillo!

So over my mission I have figured out the trick to receiving/seeing miracles.  Want to know the secret?  Step 1. Every night on the way home, listen to any version of the song "Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing." Step 2.  While the song is playing, recount the day and talk about any and all blessings and miracles that were seen.  Step 3. Include the little things such as, but not limited to:  not losing any limbs, not being pulled over, people giving us water when it is really hot, seeing a really cool looking lizard, having the opportunity to make someone smile... the list goes on. And the results from all of this is that any person will see that their day is filled with hundreds of mini miracles and tender mercies of the Lord, but miracles non the less.

So I don't know if I told you about Nidia, but she is the coolest person ever! She pretty much is super prepared but also super pregnant... And by that I mean she has a 12 lb baby in her stomach.  She looks like she has an excercize ball under her shirt... pobrecita.  But we taught her the restoration on Monday and she accepted all of it perfectly. At some points I didn't think she was legit just because it went so well.  And when we asked her to be baptized she said yes but that there was just one problem. The problem is the fact that she had a C-section on Thursday and because of it, she has to stay in the hospital for like 2 weeks and then stay in bed at home for like 3 months... so that might put a damper on things. But if we are still here in 3 months, she is getting baptized!  And hopefully we will be able to visit her a lot while she is on bed rest to keep her faith up.

Then we met the coolest lady named Rumalda!  She is the mom of a member named Hermana Cuevas, she’s definitely on my all time favorites list. Our lessons consist of us teaching a point, Rumalda having a somewhat serious but not question, and then Herman Cuevas answers her and somehow leads every comment back to the fact that Rumalda needs to pray and ask because she should only be baptized for herself and not for anyone else.  Then they just start yelling (more like friendly bickering) at each other for 10 minutes.  And finally the circle comes all the way around and we teach another point.  They are the funniest but slowest lessons ever.  We spend an hour there and only teach one simple point.  So hopefully we can start seeing her every day during the week and hopefully teach one full lesson worth a week, haha.  And we just need her to start reading the Book of Mormon and coming to church and she will be solid. She didn't come to church yesterday, :( but next week for sure!! 

Alexis is still the man!  We finished teaching him all the lessons this week but the only problem was with church.  Sunday morning there was a family emergency so he had to take his brother like 45 minutes away and he couldn't make it back on time to come to church... But we are still planning to have his baptism on Saturday.  All he needs to do is get his baptismal interview on Tuesday and we need to get his mom's signature on Wednesday. But he says that she’s ok with it so it shouldn't be that hard. And Alfredo, our recent convert, is going to baptize him so that should make it extra special!

We also met some cool kids named Alemari and Estaban.  They live next to Amairani and seem super interested.  Well not at first, but they are getting there!  I'll hopefully have some cool experiences to talk about next week!

Other cool miracles:

We got a washer and dryer in our apartment so now we don't have to go to the washeteria and pay!  But it was a pain in the tracero to get it up into our 3rd floor apartment!

I did splits with the coolest guy ever!  Hermano Pinto!  He pretty much made friends right away with anyone we met and then taught all the lessons, haha.  But we finally figured it out and taught with some crazy good unity!  But he just motivated me to be like him:  Be friends with everyone right away, be super nice and motivating, have a super good knowledge of the scriptures and anything spiritual, and be manipulative in a good way, haha. Not like he gets people to do things they don't want to, but he helps each person understand and see the good and importance in things.

We got invited to two birthday parties!  One with recent converts, Dajana and Antoni and the other for Aileen Sierra.

We biked on the hottest day ever, sweated through all of our clothing, and got to talk to a bunch of cool new people.

Well I think that’s enough for one email...

Love Elder Lund

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